What is Online@theSpaceUK

We’re delighted to welcome you to an online fringe like no other. One festival, Three Weeks, Eighty Shows - driven by theSpaceUK’s new writing ethos all shows are original work and have been written during lockdown. And, are completely free to watch. Launching August 8, every Saturday night theSpaceUK hosts a live Fringe experience, with multiple performances. In between each live Fringe experience, new shows will be published every week in August.

All presented online at www.theSpaceUK.com

theSpaceUK’s virtual project, Online@theSpaceUK, has been designed to replace this year's fringe and give companies & shows a creative outlet - companies were asked for work specifically written or produced during lockdown. They responded in their droves and thanks to their creativity, passion, and sheer hard-work, Online@theSpaceUK is a programme that fittingly embraces the that global festival spirit that the show must go on!

WHERE can I watch performances?

On your laptop, tablet, mobile or any internet connected device. All performances are hosted on this website.

Every Saturday around 25 new shows will be uploaded to this website.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. All shows Online@theSpaceUK are completely free of charge. There's an option to donate direct to the company next to each show - and we hope you give generously to support the companies. We don't take anything here at theSpaceUK.

How do I watch the live shows?

Every Saturday evening 7-9pm we will be hosting a live evening featuring multiple shows. It's your chance to see new & dynamic work performed live. You can watch Live Shows by going to www.theSpaceUK.com


Shows are between 10-45 minutes long.

When is Online@theSpaceUK?

Online@theSpaceUK launches Saturday 8 August and features over 80 individual shows. The last live show is Saturday 22 August and all shows will be available until 30 August.


If the answer to your question isn't on this website, drop us a line (publicity@thespaceuk.com) and we'll be happy to help answer your questions