Shows Available From Saturday 8 August


Out of Kilter TheatreStruggling with feelings of loss and detachment Alicia, waking from a vivid dream, is disorientated; is she really awake? Then an unlikely companion offers an opportunity to find an answer … and perhaps a chance for the contact she craves. @outofkiltermcr

After the Turn: The Mystery of Bly Manor

Nine Knocks TheatreFive years after the tragedy of Bly Manor, the world wants answers. Now researchers begin to uncover the sinister truth. Based on Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, Nine Knocks presents a modernised tale of the ghosts within ourselves. @Nine_Knocks

At the Ghostlight

Blue Fire Theatre Co. An Elizabethan Superstar and a heroine of Music Hall meet at the theatre ghostlight and have a "water cooler moment". Whilst they muse over their life choices, the stars of their rivals, Will Shakespeare and Marie Lloyd shine ever brighter. @bluefire_tc


The Nottingham New Theatre‘AWAKENING’ explores the dangers of forced ignorance and deception when it comes to the lives of young people; a group of schoolchildren trying to navigate the unknowns of adolescence leads to disastrous consequences.@thenewtheatre

Being Posy

Four in a Bed Theatre CompanyA reflective look at coming of age, coming out and coming some conclusions. Written during lockdown uncertainty, Posy explores sexuality, friendships and standing out whilst fitting in this light hearted and heart warming show.

Bookshelf Ballad

Anne RabbittWhat are the books saying behind the TV pundits? Using only titles found on her own shelves, Anne gives them voice in a poignant poem that is both tender and funny. You’ll never arrange your books alphabetically again.@RabbittAnne

Boom Room

Our Star Theatre CompanyAdrian bravely attempts to enter the Boom Room for a school reunion. However, technological and personal challenges along the way lead to an experience that will probably resound with many people right now, as he struggles to be digitally woke!@ourstartheatre

Bubble Show with Dr Bubble and Milkshake

Bubble LaboratoryEcological Bubble Show presents different ways we can save the planet through bubbles. Physical comedy with environmental awareness and bubbles, it contains square and smoke-filled bubbles, rainbows, spinning carousels, vortexes, juggle bubbles, bubble snakes, floating bubbles and a grand finale.

Coronavirus Underwood’s New Taskforce

Grubby Gnome ProductionsGoodly folks the country over volunteer to help the aged and infirm during lockdown. Except in Underwood, where the people who volunteer have ulterior motives more to do with helping themselves rather than others. Apart from Felicity of course.

Defying GraviTT

The Fabulous TTWith 2020 hindsight (magnified by her new designer reading glasses) The Fabulous TT aka Tish Tindall asks where the year has gone, why she will never be painted green, and what on earth happened to her under-there-webcam-wear?@FabMusicals


Blueberry Goose Theatre GroupA 10-minute drama, set in COVID-19 lockdown and inspired by real events, about lust, betrayal, revenge and tins of pain(t).@goose_group


Anomaly Theatre CompanyFirst we taught Artificial Intelligence to drive. Then we taught it to feel. But when a driverless car runs over Neil’s girlfriend, both Neil and the A.I. are having to learn grief. Is emotion just a glitch in our programming?@AnomalyTheatre


Three Chairs and a HatDo you believe in ghosts? When there's no-one else in the house, it can be difficult to decide. Three Chairs and a Hat present HAUNTED, a study of isolation and obsession, written and performed by Nia Williams.@ChairsHat

The Murder(ed) Musketeers

Highly SuspectJoin acclaimed ‘Mystery maestros’ Highly Suspect for a hilarious interactive online murder mystery which you, the audience, must solve! There’s a fiendish plot, evidence to examine, and cryptic clues to crack, but can you catch the killer and deduce whodunnit@HighlySuspectUK

Hyper-Nice: Passive Aggresive Co-vid Poetry

David WatsonComedy Poetry born in lockdown . The new hell of the Friday night zoom cocktail hour and the schadenfreude behind the Thursday Clap provide the subject matter for poetry@hypernice2


Anomaly Theatre CompanyHe thinks he’s interrogating a suspect. She thinks she’s on a blind date. This is not going to end well.@AnomalyTheatre

Lockdown Drag-out

Batty HatstersAt first, Audrey revels in the unexpected gift of time at home, but outside influences force changes that could destroy her and all she has worked so hard to achieve.

Love , Loss and Quarantine

The SwellsA brief story with three songs, rejoicing in new-found love during lockdown after the pain of personal bereavement. A 15-minute show that was put together two metres apart without breathing!

Play in Your Bathtub

Flying Solo! andThis Is Not A Theatre CompanyThis Immersive Audio Spa for Physical Distancing is a site-specific immersive experience taking place in your own bathtub (or a foot bath or bucket of water). Join us for poetry, singing, and Dances for Small Appendages. Soundtrack at

Rehearsal Etiquette

Swell TheatreThis short play captures one small theatre company’s attempt to rehearse for their new musical during lockdown, an online rehearsal spirals into chaos as they discover that rehearsing online is easier said than done.@swelltheatre


The Nottingham New Theatre‘SPRING’ tells the story of a group of teenagers, as they rebel against their controlling parents, struggle to navigate love, and deal with tragedies around them; they begin to discover their individuality, their sexuality, and ultimately their freedom of choice.@thenewtheatre

The Plague Thing

Putney Theatre CompanyEnid's enjoyment of her twilight years has been overshadowed by government guidelines produced for care homes in response to a global pandemic. In this moving monologue, Enid invites you into her world in the age of lockdown.@PutneyTheatreCo

The Silly and Unnecessary Variety Show

Lori HamiltonLive from New York, it’s comedian Lori Hamilton’s one-woman variety show. Featuring Opera Product Placement • Lori’s Cats Tell Kid’s Jokes • Winning at Work During Covid • A Tipsy Midwest Mom • Audience Questions!! What more could you ask for? Cats@TheLoriHamilton

The Van

Raised VoicesLife is hard just now, for everyone. For those who’s life was hard before though, well you can imagine. Watch a snapshot into the lives of some who struggled with everyday life in normal times, you might just be surprised.

The Writings on the Wallpaper

Paper Dolls TheatreA light-hearted comedy following the clueless Tim and Samantha, as they sit down to interview hopeful applicants for their brand new tech firm. Get your CV ready as we beg the question... ‘on the scale of 1 to 10’ @paperdolls2020

Those Girls

JAM ProductionsThose Girls shines a light on the important issues riddling our youth today: sexual abuse, discrimination and mental health. Award winner, Abigail Cook’s poem, “How We Survive (Girlhood)” is reinvented and reimagined in this striking, hopeful piece of digital theatre.

Too bored to stay in, too scared to go out!

Nigel OsnerCabaret songs and monologues reflecting the varying implications of Covid-19 for male and female characters. ‘Tremendously talented and very entertaining’ and Fringe Review said ’a performer with finesse and charm’ (Scotsman)@nigelosner

Under Heaven's Eyes

Christopher TajahA new 45 minute solo-play which asks; Did George Floyd’s killing mark a turning point for real change or another false dawn? While exploring how systemic and systematic societal racism squeezes’ BAME communities to the margins.@ctajahofficial

Until the Ad Break

Maverick Charles ProductionsUntil the Ad Break is an absurd comedy sketch set just before the end of the world. Follow plucky daytime TV hosts Francine, Dale, and their weather reporter Gabriel as they come to terms with impending apocalypse live on air. @MCharlesProd

When Judas Met John - songs of Dylan and Lennon

Brothers BrokeIrish duo Brothers Broke compare, adapt and perform selected songs by both artists, and consider their compositions and influences on each other.Presented in an acoustic bluesy style with tight sibling harmonies.

Shows Available From Saturday 15 August

7.7 Billion!

Chiuni TT Graduate CompanyWelcome to our world. We are offering you a chance to join a very special network. It will change your life and the lives of millions of others. Become the solution. Not the problem. Action in plain sight. Not hindsight.


Brujas FlamencoBrujas Flamenco is the all-female flamenco group bursting with international young talent. They are thrilled to present their new piece "Alegrías" - a traditional flamenco dance filmed around the world and adapted to fit online viewing for modern times.

Bye Mum

Ronnie Dorsey ProductionsBye Mum is the story of a lonely man saying his last goodbye to his mother at her care home. She is lost in a haze of dementia, unaware of Coronavirus and the terrible danger that surrounds us all.@MsRonnieDorsey

Countdown to Clowntown

Sphere Clown BandSingalong, dancealong laughalong! Patty and Giggles from Canada’s top award-winning clownband take you to their Clowntown backyard for a taste of music and magic from next year’s Fringe show. *****INFECTIOUS FUN! ( “They’ll have you on your feet!” (Primary Times).@pattytheclown


The Juicy Orange2020. The world’s living in isolation. For Craig, adjusting to the new normal has been sour as lemons. Until Craig meets a juicy orange, who quickly becomes a brand new buddy. But what will happen when Craig gets hungry?

Five Lock Down

All My Stupid JobsFive Zoom calls. Five stories. One actor. Lockdown affects everyone differently. A short film by Timothy Quinlan. @allmystupidjobsTRAILER

Front Window

Owl & Pussycat Theatre CompanyA Woman watches her neighbors, usually with a bag of chips in hand, to investigate the possible disappearance of a man. Front Window is a farcical story of an isolated armchair detective, desperate to prove her vigilance will save lives.@optheatreco

Glad & Min

Grubby Gnome ProductionsTwo friends holed up together are beginning to feel the lockdown blues. But the neighbour’s food deliveries are arousing their interest. She doesn’t have a dog? And what links her to a pair of marigolds and a turkey baster?

Guided by Science

Anomaly Theatre CompanyA good interviewer challenges the evidence. A bad interviewer challenges everything. Is science true? Are facts real? And more importantly, did Mr Snuffles really go to live on a farm?@AnomalyTheatre

Guru of Touch: A Zoom Play

Flying Solo! andThis Is Not A Theatre CompanyWhen the pandemic strikes, a healer noted for his ability to cure people by “laying on of hands” moves an event to Zoom to see if distance healing might work. A world premiere, site-specific, Zoom play.@notatheatreco

Lady M

Three Chairs and a HatHow would Lady Macbeth spend Lockdown? As a YouTube life-coach with a dodgy past ... Susanne Sheehy is the mentor you daren't ignore in Three Chairs and a Hat's extract from Nia Williams's musical LADY M, directed by Alice Evans.@ChairsHat

Lockdown 'Oy Vay' A Jewish Perspective

Henry Churniavsky ProductionBeing Jewish, Jewrotic (Jewish and neurotic) in lockdown. An 86-year-old Jewish mother living near. Wife at home (Relearning the Wife Code) being 60 and the benefits or not! Learning new technology i.e. zoom and turning into a Jewish Grandmother…OY VAY!@hcblue

Lucky 8

Glass Half Full TheatreMarcy is queer and her Mum has MS, caring for her mother and trying to find a job she actually likes in the city, life is hard, plus she keeps falling for the wrong girls and it seems this time, it might be different.@GHalfFTheatre

Masterful Manole

Bubble LaboratoryA famous Romanian Folktale retold as a gallery of living statues. This nonstop energy driven performance expresses the consequence of blindly following authority resulting in an architect burying his wife alive to create a church that will stand for eternity.

Now Maybe Sunbeam

Flying Solo! H.R. is calling. The cats are napping. Their “strange smelling housemate” is stressing. Big time. Preparing for a mysterious meeting with Human Resources our quarantined cat guardian takes stock of his life in isolation with the help of his cats. @presentssolo

Set Roaring War

Nightpiece MediaAl Carretta’s 16th indie feature film; shot under restrictions in June. Aspiring actress Maddie sends her flatmate Shelby hundreds of miles across England to a workshop audition she doesn’t want to attend. Suspicions flare. All is not as it seems.@alcarretta

So, this Virus walks into a Bar...

Jacob Hulland ComedyGaffs, jokes and foibles of COVID-19, presented by furloughed comedian, Jacob Hulland. From his kitchen table Jacob covers the entirety of the lockdown experience. Sit back, socially distance, put the kettle on, pop to Durham for some milk and enjoy.@ComedyHulland


Putney Theatre CompanyEight months into her gap-year adventure, Sarah hasn’t phoned home for weeks. But now, stranded in South America by a global pandemic, she’s finally made contact. A humorous take on the mother-daughter bond and communicating during the age of lockdown.@PutneyTheatreCo

Stuck Like Me

PigWig ProductionsLockdown is lifting and while most are delighted, an agoraphobic woman braces herself to return to the struggle of getting out. It’s time to tell you what it’s like. Because maybe some of you are feeling the same@PigWigTweets

The Beat Goes On

The Glummer Twins It will take more than a pandemic stop the irrepressible Glummer Twins from celebrating the joys, absurdities and indignities of ageing. Stand-up, socially distanced spoken word from the Beat Generation.@theglummertwins

The Complete Works Of Shakespeare*....*but just the Deaths (and the gory bits too)

Cream Faced LoonsWe’re going to do the impossible - perform every death seen or mentioned in all of Shakespeare... Horrible Histories meets The Complete Works of Shakespeare in this crazy whistle-stop tour full of Songs, Slapstick and just a dash of Death...@theloonstc

The Last Clap

Kali TheatreThis moving and heartwarming drama follows a young actor from the last round of audience applause before her theatre is forced to close through to the last Clap For Carers after she starts work in a care home and finds herself on the frontline. @kalitheatreUK

The Singing Lesson

Three Chairs and a HatMelody's forgotten how to sing. Can online teacher Evangeline Gibson retrieve her voice? Three Chairs and a Hat present THE SINGING LESSON, an extract from Nia Williams's musical Melody, starring Guy Brigg and Marilyn Moore and directed Wayne T Brown.@ChairsHat

Tickle the Musical

LAMBCO ProductionsDAVINA scouts scallies. She’s on the lookout for COMPETITIVE ENDURANCE TICKLING. It’s really, really, well paid, so why wouldn’t you? Our 2 lads and enjoy the financial gains, opportunities and the sort of fame only dreamed about by their mates.

Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party!

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie PresentThree awesomely creepily fun songs and an opening that will give you the happiest of chills. Join the Doctor and find, Parts For Frankenstein, Swing with Drac. on Vampire's Ball, and Finish by HIDING FROM GHOSTS!

Wake and Sing

Flying Solo!Wake and Sing details the strange phenomenon of socially distant grieving amidst a global pandemic. An out of work comedian is offered a position hosting Zoom wakes for grieving families and must decide if the emotional impact is worth it. @presentssolo

Shows Available From Saturday 22 August

A Well-Versed Cello

The Poetical CellistCovidity, comorbidity, and don’t BLAME the BAMEs. This show has rhythm and incision. Come and hear what the Poetical Cellist has been playing in lock-down, and the poetry it’s provoked. “A wry perspective, an edge to his bow. Arresting.”

An Empty Chapel

Eric DavidsonAfter the sad death of my cousin’s husband to COVID-19, I wanted to write something not only in memory of Peter but to all who have passed and for the loved ones left behind.@EricDRhyme

anything to declare, mr. dennis?

Flying Solo! Refusing to join the “Old-White-Guys-Club” of exclusion and marginalization and with his 60thbirthday approaching, master storyteller Dennis Elkins travels through India with a backpack of guilt, searching for an epiphany in this poignant comedy.@presentssolo

At Home with the Brontës

Lemon Squeeze ProductionsThe Brontë sisters shook up the literary world with novels like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, but what of their own stories and secrets? This comedy drama by Joan Greening unveils the rivalry, jealousy and debauchery that fuelled their success!@BawdyBard20

Dreaming of Sexual Healing, Sort Of...

Owl & Pussycat Theatre CompanyDr. Stephanie Elba’s patient surprises her with a “group therapy” session on Zoom. Will Else’s dreams of a polygamous cohabitation become a reality? When (exactly) was the last time Dr. Elba got laid?!?@optheatreco

Frills in Lockdown

Saltire Burlesque AcademyBringing electricity, sparkle and frills, Saltire Burlesque Academy present, an amateur, highly energetic cabaret show choreographed to the beat of rock. the dancers tantalise, possessed by the throbbing music and the dark decadence of rock sounds. Seductiveness at its best.@SBA_Scotland

Harry & Megan

Grubby Gnome ProductionsThis mockumentary follows Harry when he applies for an NHS volunteer. Along with his sister Jacqueline, he takes full advantage of Monty who comes to help him yet who ends up being the friend he so badly needs.


DK Productions (David Kent Ltd)A world-weary traveller returns home to try to find what is missing from his life. This musical monologue relates a poignant tale of lost love with a supernatural twist, featuring original songs for vocals, violin and guitar.@misterdavidkent


Bernard RossWhy do we buy what we buy, date who we date, or prefer 50p asprins to 1p ones? Most of the time we think we’re making rational decisions…but are we? Bernard Ross and neuroscience explain… we’re predictably irrational.@irrationalme20

It Doesn't Seem Like Home

Ronnie Dorsey ProductionsTrapped in lockdown with her brother, Gillie struggles as his dementia worsens. Both frustrated and confused, they long to return to the carefree days of their past. It Doesn’t Seem Like Home is a poignant snapshot of life under Coronavirus.@MsRonnieDorsey


Glass Half Full TheatreJess is a 34 year old Cardiothoracic surgeon. Her boss is a bully. Her girlfriend's left her and she's LONELY . All Jess really wants to do his change her FUCKING life . A story for those people who feel a little bit alone in a world so very big@GHalfFTheatre

Keeping Vigil

anseo|anois theatreThe eve of a funeral, rural Ireland. Three old friends reunite, comedy and grief intertwine. But as the night bleeds on, old wounds resurface, Begging the question: in the process of tearing us apart, can death bring us back together?@AnseoT

Pamela Drysdale's Lockdown

Three Chairs and a HatA naughty weekend becomes a comedy of errors when Pamela finds herself locked down where she shouldn't be ... Three Chairs and a Hat present PAMELA DRYSDALE'S LOCKDOWN, written and performed by Jane Hainsworth.@ChairsHat

Sex, Lies & Improvisation

Between Us ImprovAn improvised play about lying together from award-winning performers. Inspired by an anonymous lie, each show reveals why we lie to the people we love. ***** “I’ve never seen such an intimate, fresh and captivating act in my life." DemonMedia.@sexliesimprov

Some Kind of Weasel

Flying Solo! An invitation to a suburban bachelorette party arrives with instructions to “bring a pair of panties that represents your relationship with the bride,” sending storyteller Jenny Stafford spinning into a hilarious and thought-provoking existential crisis.@presentssolo


Andy Jordan Productions LtdPat is about to become the world's most isolated human on the International Space Station. The only person who doesn't see this as a major problem is Pat…A new play written during lockdown about long-range communication - or the lack thereof.

The Coming Out Play

The Farewell GirlsAfraid of how her traditional parents will react when she tells them she is both bisexual and proposing to Nora, Lucy seeks inspiration from historical gay and bisexual women, gaining enough confidence to leave the bar and tell her parents.

The Laws of Motion

Tannhauser Gate EntertainmentDuring the Covid19 pandemic, Seth moves out of his home, post divorce. He’s helped by friends, who’ve all lost track of time, each other and the world outside. The Move opens old wounds and hilarious insights about themselves and America.

The Music of Trees

Geoff RobbAward winning guitarist Geoff Robb will be performing his show The Music of Trees online. Original guitar music inspired by nature with tree stories, his beautiful compositions blend his classical training and his love of Spanish and Celtic music.


BlueBalloon TheatreA post-apocalyptic folklore tale told to a generation of children raised underground.Re-counted through shadow puppetry, we learn of when mankind was driven below the surface of the Earth by a deadly virus.

Wet Paint - Still Not Dry

Two Ladders ProductionsDuring lockdown, the Wet Paint crew have decided to do some redecorating. We hope that you can catch a glimpse of our alternations soon, but in the meantime enjoy the opinions of those lucky enough to catch a sneak peak.

Where The Magic Happens!

Shaun ShearsSinger Songwriters Shaun and Tim are in lockdown, Join them on a day where they remember and reimagine the past songs that take on new meanings. share in the creation of songs and discover there tunes left behind for now

Covid Captivity Cabaret-Locked Down Sonnets

Latin RediscoveryDomesticated Opera Diva is in Distress as lockdown hits. Broken dishwasher, leaking toilet, panic buying, no flour in the shops and no more castanet classes. What's a girl to do when the Ancien Regime is falling apart? Facebook HELP! @VLTTangoOpera