Vampire's Ball Ultimate Halloween Party

Brad Tassell and Steve Goodie Present

From the brilliant mind behind SiriusXM-Kids' 'Harry's Wand' (Steve Goodie), and best-selling author of 'Don’t Feed the Bully' (Brad Tassell), comes the Halloween show that every child howls for and every parent is dying to see!

'Vampire’s Ball, Ultimate Halloween Party'! It's an extra silly and joyous sing-and-dance-along through the Haunted House, and guaranteed to take the Fringe by storm. It's the spookiest, craziest, and family-friendliest Halloween show EVER! Join the Doctor and find parts For Frankenstein... swing with Dracula at the Vampire’s Ball... hide from ghosts... it'll delight any ghoul you've got!

“Jolly music, witty lyrics, and a stunning array of backdrops!" ★★★★ (Richard Beck, BroadwayBaby)

"Vampire's Ball is the perfect mix of creepy, spooky fun, and friendly for everyone!" (Eric Snow, VP/HW)

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