Season 3

We're absolutely delighted to announce that Season 3 of Online@theSpaceUK will be in association with Brighton Fringe. After the amazing success of our digital platform since August we're very proud to now boast Online@theSpaceUK as a leading global platform for presenting new digital work. This success has been noticed and we're very proud that our association for Season 3 with Brighton Fringe very much represents the critical acclaim our platform has received.


Running from 28 May - 27 June, Brighton Fringe is the UK's second largest Fringe Festival and the biggest in England, with over 1,000 shows and audiences in the hundreds of thousands. theSpaceUK has created the very first Online Venue at Brighton Fringe meaning that, wherever you are, your work can be accessed by audiences from around the World. The added bonus here aside from just 'putting a show online' is that your work will benefit from the exposure of both being part of theSpaceUK Season 3 and additionally be part of a defined and active global event - Brighton Fringe Festival.

We have had close connections with Brighton Fringe over the past few years and have a wealth of contacts in the Brighton Fringe press and will be able to provide our usually high standards in giving you guidance to market & promote your shows and importantly we will facilitate access to get your show seen by the all important media.

Online@theSpaceUK will be the first Online Venue at Brighton Fringe, another first and something we are excited to invite you to be part of. We've been working closely with Brighton Fringe over the past few weeks to ensure that we're able to deliver an affordable platform that provides companies with the very best of support as well as the very best of audience and media reach. We offer you a unique opportunity to present your show, which combines theSpaceUK's established reputation for new & creative work and our leading position as an online platform with England's largest Fringe festival, to generate global reach and a creative dynamic for presenting experimental work.


Your registration fee gets you the following:
  • For live work, a week long run (6 nights) of performances at Brighton Fringe with your choice of weeks (should you wish to book more than 1 week, we can offer a 50% discount on the additional weeks)
  • For pre-recorded work, the full run at Brighton Fringe from 28 May - 27 June
  • Technical workshops in how to deliver online work live or pre-recorded
  • Marketing workshops in attracting audiences via Social Media or Facebook/Instagram advertising
  • Access to the Broadway Baby Online Members Bar every Fri/Sat night, a opportunity to meet up with media, discuss how your show went and enjoy several drinks
  • Our usual technical, press and marketing support
  • Invitation to both our bookending events, the Media Launch and the Awards Night.
  • Access to a Zoom Pro account for your show


The total fee for the Online@theSpaceUK at Brighton Fringe package is £170. This includes Brighton Fringe registration & access to a Zoom Pro account.

Ticket prices are set at £5 per connected device per show (minus Brighton Fringe Box Office fees), meaning that companies & artists have every opportunity to make a profit. We've deliberately priced these tickets to make online shows affordable to audiences whilst providing companies with a revenue stream that has the ability to turn a profit. We've done the research as to what works! Tickets will be sold via Brighton Fringe Box Office and will be available online from 12 April.


Free workshops will be provided on creating the best possible environment to live-stream shows. These will include using phone/webcams, available software, lighting etc. Don't worry if you're new to live-streaming, we have experts in place who will be on hand to assist. For each live show we will also schedule a Technical Rehearsal, as we would with any venue based piece, at an agreed time based on show time-and-a-half (ie a 30 min show would expect to need a 45 minute Tech).


We're looking for new & creative work. Shows should ideally be produced to be delivered via Zoom. Perhaps you're thinking of 'Jackie Weaver - The Musical' or a version of '12 Angry Men featuring a man who is definitely not a cat'. As the UK's leading platform for new & dynamic work, our companies have always been the star attraction and we're confident that artists will be able to come up with creative ideas that grab the attention of audiences.

Work can either be pre-recorded or live. We've produced several live shows over the last two seasons we've noticed that the 'live' show creates a little more dynamic, interaction and sense of occasion for audiences. We're also noticing that there is a flood of pre-recorded work online, so presenting a live platform refreshes the digital experience, sets hearts-racing, increases press interest and gives the audience the chance to be part of a unique experience..

But, don't worry if you can't bring live work we're very aware that it's harder to create and that some genres aren't wholly suitable to it. We will be just as happy to host pre-recorded work, Season 1 and 2 are living proof of how popular this work is.

For the live show we'd welcome something 30-60 minutes long, and written for audiences via Zoom, we'll advise more on this once we hear from you. For pre records we welcome anything from 2mins to 60mins, pre-records, film or audio. The power of the online platform is that we can present anything and it's worth noting the Fringe Review Award for new work in Season 2 was given to a 6 minute film....


This is the perfect opportunity to develop a digital show - one that it designed to be watched by audiences via Zoom. It gives you the perfect opportunity to produce a show that can open at Brighton Fringe, then quickly go worldwide. Perhaps you have dreams of going for FringeNYC? With your digital show, this opens doors of possibility.

You might have a show that is perfect for audiences via Zoom. You might not be able to travel to Brighton this summer. You might have concerns about Covid over the coming months. Online@theSpaceUK gives the opportunity to be part of one of the world's leading Fringe festivals.


Applications are now open for Online@theSpaceUK at Brighton Fringe and you can apply here. Multiple weeks can be booked for a discounted rated.


Get in touch with us here at theSpaceUK where we will be more than happy to answer any queries. We're excited about this opportunity as we feel it offers fantastic value to companies, along with the ability to sell tickets & start generating revenue. More importantly, it provides a creative platform to develop brand new work that is designed for digital audiences.

We're excited about Online@theSpaceUK at Brighton Fringe. It's a fantastic opportunity to get involved with one the UK's leading Fringe Festivals, create new & exciting work and enjoy selling tickets, performing live shows and watching the reviews come in. All in a way that is Covid-19 safe & secure.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above. Exciting times are upon us and theSpaceUK is looking forward to working with many of you for this unique opportunity.