Best Laid Plans

Flying Solo! Presents and Rock, Salt and Nails Band

A concert of original songs that tell stories of life and and family…loss and redemption, plus a bit of humor, some solid harmonies and a sound build for toe tapping and maybe breaking your heart a bit.

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Flying Solo! Presents

Jacob can’t resist a good antique store--but his latest treasure horrifies his wife, Ashley. The pretty--but definitely used--urn opens a hilarious and heartbreaking Pandora’s box about their relationship, their dreams and what makes us truly alive.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 2

Promotional picture for Readymade Cabaret 2.0

Readymade Cabaret 2.0

Flying Solo! Presents and This Is Not A Theatre Company

Speaking to the current COVID moment, this show asks whether our lives are determined by chance, fate, or free-will. Influenced by Duchamp and Dada, character-based scenes are interspersed with computer-generated Dada poetry, art, music and dance.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 2

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anything to declare, mr. dennis?

Flying Solo!

Refusing to join the 'Old-White-Guys-Club' of exclusion and marginalization and with his 60th birthday approaching, master storyteller Dennis Elkins travels through India with a backpack of guilt, searching for an epiphany in this poignant comedy

Online@theSpaceUK Season 1

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Now Maybe Sunbeam


H.R. is calling. The cats are napping. Their 'strange smelling housemate' is stressing. Big time. Preparing for a mysterious meeting with Human Resources our quarantined cat guardian takes stock of his life in isolation with the help of his cats.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 1

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Some Kind of Weasel


An invitation to a suburban bachelorette party arrives with instructions to 'bring a pair of panties that represents your relationship with the bride,' sending storyteller Jenny Stafford spinning into a hilarious and thought-provoking existential crisis.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 1

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Wake and Sing

Flying Solo!

Wake and Sing details the strange phenomenon of socially distant grieving amidst a global pandemic. An out of work comedian is offered a position hosting Zoom wakes for grieving families and must decide if the emotional impact is worth it.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 1