Online@theSpaceUK Season 4

Online@theSpaceUK, winner of the Off West End Stage Award for Digital Theatre, is back for a fourth season, all available as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Watch any time, any place with our On Demand shows available from 6-30 August


Promotional picture for Are You Boxed In, Mr Dennis?

Are You Boxed In, Mr Dennis?

Flying Solo! Presents

An enticing strip-tease of revelations, this poignant, funny solo performance exposes the unplanned turns, blind alleys and devastating losses of one man's struggle to traverse the toll road of life. And his boxes.

Promotional picture for Box and Cox

Box and Cox

English Theatre Milan Associazione Culturale

Box and Cox spotlights the efforts of scheming landlady, Mrs Bouncer, to double her money by renting the same room to two tenants: Mr Cox, a hatter, works by day; Mr Box, a printer, works at night.

Promotional picture for Vignettes of a Pestilence

Vignettes of a Pestilence

Actors Repertory Theatre Luxembourg

Three stories confront the pandemic with laughter and hope. Spring 2020: grounded flights separate a couple. Autumn 2020: cousins, one rather eccentric, laugh and reminisce. Spring 2021: two colleagues attend a meeting. It doesn’t go well.

Promotional picture for Colour



London, circa 2017. Bryony stands alone outside her childhood home. She's back to settle a score. So what is stopping her from ringing the bell? The truth will come out; but is Bryony ready to face it?

Promotional picture for Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal

Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal

Melissa Center

What starts out as her Jewish mom's pesky fantasy (and mild-to-moderate... OK, major obsession) turns into a full-on mission as Melissa, single, struggling and *cough* *cough* approaching 40, searches for love (and Jake Gyllenhaal).

Promotional picture for The Dream Project 3.0

The Dream Project 3.0

Yonder Window Theatre Company

A collaboration between artists from Mexico, United States and Canada. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is deconstructed and reinvented into a multilingual and multidisciplinary spectacle, encompassing the most compelling art forms of North American culture.

Promotional picture for Few are Angels

Few are Angels

Three Chairs and a Hat

Few are Angels: Shakespeare's women in contemporary settings. This video compilation of monologues and sonnets forms part of Three Chairs and a Hat's major digital project, Shakespeare (she/her), launched in 2021.

Promotional picture for Sugar


Mabel Thomas

One girl. Five ages. Many morally ambiguous choices. (And too many references to Toyota cars for them not to be sponsoring this show). A funny and poignant story exploring what it means to win.

Promotional picture for Tal


Tal Levy Cohen

An original solo performance. The process of a girl, woman and dancer dealing with the eating disorder bulimia. A brave show that can expose the mind and inspire many people, allowing us to better understand our responsibilities as parents.

Promotional picture for Earth and Fire, Water and Air

Earth and Fire, Water and Air

Andy Jordan Productions

Online drama telling the true stories of four courageous astronauts. For anyone who dreams of space travel but dislikes billionaires doing it to show off. AJP won three awards for groundbreaking 2020 play, SpaceXPat.

Promotional picture for A Theatrical Life

A Theatrical Life

Siobhan Bremer

A Theatrical Life. After spending decades on the stage, Siobhan Bremer’s life is more than just a bit theatrical. From kidnapping to birds on scooters, Greece to cancer, it’s all there. Guess which ones are off stage!

Promotional picture for Clowntime


John Feffer

A one-man show about a time when comedy is not just king but dictator.

Promotional picture for The Sean and Gerry Breakfast Show

The Sean and Gerry Breakfast Show

Fish Mail

A comedy play about two veteran local radio DJs finally getting their shot at the big time: the breakfast show on national radio. And no, it does not go well – at all.

Promotional picture for Agave vs The Lion

Agave vs The Lion

Flying Solo! Presents

Bombarded with news during the Shutdown, it’s all background noise to Agave, until a zealous male voice speaks directly to her through her laptop. How far will she go to combat this increasingly real threat?

Promotional picture for Open Return

Open Return

Blink Theatre

A journey from Edinburgh to London takes two women who meet for the first time much further than they ever could have imagined, in an exchange that is heart-wrenching, hilarious and beautiful.


Promotional picture for Love, Loss and Fats

Love, Loss and Fats

The Swells

Stories of love and loss, told in music. Why the Fats? Well who better to cheer us up with his melodies, swinging songs and delightful, happy lyrics than the late, great Fats Waller? If you enjoyed the performance (...and even if you didn't!), please consider donating to our chosen Mental Health charity at

Promotional picture for Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience

Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience

Ensemble Mik Nawooj

Ensemble Mik Nawooj is a hip-hop orchestra comprised of an MC, soprano, winds, strings, piano, drums and a turf dancer. They've been featured on NPR, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, NowThis, Pitchfork, United Nations and more.

Promotional picture for Glorieta Pines in Concert

Glorieta Pines in Concert

Flying Solo! Presents Glorieta Pines

Featuring Brian Nelson (guitar) and Lindsay Taylor (mandolin, fiddle), the music of Glorieta Pines is infused with the mysticism of the American Southwest. Their original folk songs are driven by the duo’s powerful vocal harmonies.

Promotional picture for Someday


Jennifer Trijo

Musician and coach Jennifer Trijo invites you to be mindful as she serenades you with her own form of music therapy. Positive psychology meets uplifting original songs in this cabaret-meets-motivational-talk show. ***** (Mindshare). **** (Adelaide Show Podcast).

Promotional picture for Up on the Blocks

Up on the Blocks

Flying Solo! Presents the Rock Salt and Nails Band

Featuring original songs inspired by folk, blues and traditional country, Rock Salt and Nails’ new concert Up on the Blocks tells stories of aspiration, challenge and redemption, sharing musical moments that define who we are.

Promotional picture for A Well-Versed Cello

A Well-Versed Cello

Kenneth Wilson the Poetical Cellist

From Irish laments to tango, and Bach again, Kenneth Wilson plays a magical selection of immersive music on the cello. Then he adds a poetical commentary – edgy, political, bawdy or just stupid.

Dance & Physical Theatre

Promotional picture for Madame Modjeska's Fairytale

Madame Modjeska's Fairytale

CounterBalance Theater

Winner of LA Times' Best Production and OC Weekly's Best Play awards, acclaimed director Annie Loui presents 'deliciously spirited production[s]' (LA Times). Whimsical and imaginative, this hybrid physical theater/animation film follows Victorian fantasy characters through Californian canyons.

Musicals & Opera

Promotional picture for Color Inside the Lines

Color Inside the Lines

Flying Solo! Presents

When a high school matchmaking scheme pairs Jenny with the biggest loser in school, she is horrified. But years later she wonders… was he The One? A new solo musical by the ever-entertaining Jenny Stafford.