Online@theSpaceUK Season 3


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Almost Professional

Alex and Eve are just like any dysfunctional millennials trying to survive in today’s world. Eve is tired of the misogyny she has to endure in everyday life and Alex... well, Alex just wants to watch TV. In order to afford the rent, they need to interview a potential flat mate. After a string of unsuccessful applicants, mostly due to Alex’s strong opinions and inability to keep any of his thoughts to himself, they meet Evan. The challenge presents itself: Alex has to keep his opinions to himself and Eve needs to try and control her libido. What starts off as a very awkward encounter, quickly develops into a series of unexpected stories and interactions that might just be what each of these three individuals need. Told from the point of view of a real stuttering person, 'Threesome' blends humour, trauma and overall far-fetched themes and opinions that wouldn’t usually work (but do).

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Morosophy Theatre Company

Introspection is a unique approach to storytelling, allowing audiences to create their own narrative in their mind with the assistance of audio, soundscape and one nameless performer, guiding the audience, raising questions such as: 'How do we perceive the world?', 'How do we perceive ourselves?', and 'how do our perceptions change, while our eyes remain the same?' This experience allows audiences to create a stage in their minds, using their senses to experience their own unique performance. The audience's unique experience is a consequence of their own actions, perceptions and the aesthetics of interaction.

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Back for Good

Better Day Productions

In this mockumentary, we follow the trials and tribulations of 00s boyband 3hree as they attempt a reunion and a comeback gig. However, tensions within the band and a changing landscape mean that the group may not indeed be back for good.

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Devil's Food Cake

Putney Theatre Company

Jenny and Frank are at their wits' end. Daughter Sophie won't eat. And her sister Katie is frantic with worry. The four of them sign up for family therapy sessions with psychologist Jasmine. Can Jenny tempt Sophie with her strawberry pavlova? Can Jasmine’s animal analogies help them find a way forward? Or will the mysterious Ana thwart all attempts at recovery? A drama written in lockdown for Zoom. Written and directed by Marcia Kelson.

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North Star

Earl & Grace Productions

A one-woman show full of insight, humour, song and dance, which features flawed, quirky and often funny characters; even her guardian angel is on probation due to a poker problem.

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Hitcher Encounters

Hitcher Encounters

Hitcher Encounters brings you a quarantine friendly show designed to be experienced from the comfort of your home and in your own time. We're All Strangers Here comprises of a live phone call and a series of four relaxing binaural audio experiences. We invite you to put on your headphones and find yourself transported to a bustling train station in Pakistan, a cafe filled with the smells of tapas and fresh coffee in Mexico and much more...

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Andy Jordan Productions

Summer 2020. Pat is an astronaut on the International Space Station. Pat has unilaterally decided to extend his stay on the Space Station. Pat’s wife is not happy about this. Pat’s mission partner is not happy about this. NASA is not happy about this. The only person who doesn’t see this as a problem is Pat. As he becomes emotionally more fragmented, and simultaneously more resolute in his decision to never leave the Space Station, we wonder: is Pat losing his mind or is he the only one who sees clearly?

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Bound By Theatre

What makes one person a victim, and another a monster? Must you be the former in order to become the latter? Why are women deemed monsters for much lesser crimes than men? And what are the lasting effects of child abuse on one’s psyche, confidence, and future choices?

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Quiet Little Things

OddHouse Theatre Co

OddHouse are an emerging feminist theatre company who will be debuting at Brighton Fringe this year. Quiet Little Things follows two non-conforming liberated clowns who stumble upon a door which leads them into an 'alternate' reality, whereby gender objectification and rape culture is explored. A comedic journey with dark and shocking undertones, confrontation of the human experience is explored.

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SHE(ME): Reclaiming Shame

Indigo Arts Collective

"6 women from across the UK and 10 hours of virtual rehearsal bring you She(me): Reclaiming Shame, an experiment in building shame resilience through devised, digital performance art. The cast confronts the unspoken and the uncomfortable with care, humor and creativity in this original new work. Through a series of workshops the cast explored their personal relationships with shame, as it intersects with female identity. Filmed in their homes and presented through the familiar lens of zoom, the company courageously stages their discoveries for all to see. The resulting vignettes include movement, spoken word poetry, sketch comedy and more, guiding audiences towards introspection, indignation and action."

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Spit Me Out (Virtually)

Slap 'N' Tickle Theatre Company

Sophie and Laura are two friends who always say "text me when you get home" after a night out. Jacob and Mike discover a darker side of their porn habits. We navigate the intricacies between two parallel experiences that are opposed but deeply tied.

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Bruce: Death of a king

Betzalel & Co

Politics, power and war drive much of our history, but what about those who drive world-changing events? How would one of the history's greatest winners face the moment of his own death, one enemy that he cannot fight, cannot outsmart and cannot negotiate with?

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A Mighty Fall from Grace

Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company

Jake Thompson is a West Yorkshire based actor/writer, who's debut play 'A Mighty Fall from Grace' tells a gritty, relatable story, about the demise of the Bradford Bulls rugby league club.


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Land if you can!

Bunker Teatro

Land If You Can!' is a role-playing play. You will be part of the flight passengers of the 2012 flight to Ibiza. Our air-hostesses, Ruby and Perl, will be delighted to attend you in this hectic flight, where you will have to solve a crime and find the impostor.

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The LEsson


Prepare yourself for the education of a lifetime as absurdity and dark humour collide in a solo clowning performance about power dynamics and poor sexual education in the Spanish community and (sadly) beyond.

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Half-Baked Alaskan

Sally Ann Hall

Award-winning NYC comedian and cabaret bitch Sally Ann Hall will be performing an early version of her Edinburgh Fringe solo show 'Baked Alaskan', which will be fully cooked by this summer. This extremely personal hour of comedy is performed entirely in a tiny New York City apartment during lockdown, with an audience of Sally Ann's roommates.

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Henry is a Lockdown Year Older! Any Wiser?

Henry Churniavsky Production

Henry’s new solo show is based on what felt like a year of his life in lockdown. New skills had to be relearnt e.g. hand- shaking; hugging; managing his year long hair growth; reading online rubbish and having surgical procedures. He will also talk about getting to grips with 'Jewish' Zoom. All will be explained and more!

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The Webcam Circus Show

Tonino Scalia

A live clowning interactive family-friendly circus show delivered online on Zoom. You might have been to a real-life circus, but you have certainly never been to our 'Webcam Circus', where animals, magicians and clowns are just at your fingertips behind a computer screen.


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When The World Stood Still

Elsa Jean McTaggart

Boilersuits, beanies and a barrow! That’s what was waiting for this musical duo when lockdown hit! From a sunny party land in Gran Canaria to the cold, wet, windy Western Isles of Scotland, a musical story of survival as this Scottish couple found themselves with no option but to dive headlong into renovating their near derelict cottage on the Isle of Lewis and finding their way through online live streaming, music and island life!

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Vox Stars Presents Star Inspirations

Vox Stars

Vox Stars Presents Star Inspirations' celebrates aspiring singers as they take you on their singing journey through the music of their idols. Voicing a wonderful mix of iconic popular music hits from legends, retro, contemporary to Disney, theatre, and film epics. Each night shall feature different funky tunes and super singers!

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The Road Ahead

Flying Solo! Presents and Glorieta Pines

Glorieta Pines combines insightful songwriting with haunting harmonies and arrangements to achieve their unique blend of acoustic music. The duo of Brian Nelson (guitar) and Lindsay Taylor (mandolin, fiddle) is inspired by the world as it unfolds around them in their Northern New Mexico home of Glorieta.

Spoken Word

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Irrational me

=mc consulting

Don’t miss this entertaining mix of stand-up and neuroscience, as award-winning, five-star author Bernard Ross challenges your assumptions about just how smart you are and explains the rules you follow to make predictable mistakes.

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Snapshot Stories

Naomi Paul

Join writer and performer Naomi Paul and the community of Meon Vale in their collaborative film ‘Snapshot Stories,’ where arts meets activism! The film was part of Live & Local’s LivingRoom project, launched in summer 2020 in response to the pandemic. It celebrates this new community’s sense of place, recent history and the environment in the first lockdown.


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Covid Captivity Cabaret: Lockdown Sonnets

Latin Rediscovery

Opera singer Ann Liebeck started writing sonnets about her feelings as lockdown hit the UK at the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic. Composer Paul Moylan picked up on the dramatic thread of broken dishwashers, panic-buying and genuine grief which led to Paul composing songs to Ann's poems. They communicated by Messenger and WhatsApp and decided to record at distance on their phones with Jonny, Ann's son. And so 'Covid Captivity Cabaret' was born.

Musicals & Opera

Promotional picture for Gilbert and Sullivan's Improbable New Musical: ... and Helen

Gilbert and Sullivan's Improbable New Musical: ... and Helen

The Coily Dart Theatre Company

Following two previous Edinburgh Fringe sell-out shows, Coily Dart Theatre present another brand-new comedy musical, based upon the little told story of the life of Helen Carte. Gilbert, Sullivan and D’Oyly Carte are well-known names in theatre, synonymous with the birth of musicals - yet Helen Carte’s important contributions to their legacy and her wider impact on British Theatre have been pushed to the wings.