Bound By Theatre

Smart. Funny. Beautiful. Kind. Narcissistic. Evil. Charming. Vain. Sexy. Gorgeous. Privileged. Cold. Scornful. Off-the-scale flirtatious. Rancid. Predator.

A monster in the female form.

Where does one begin and the other end?

What makes one person a victim, and another a monster? Must you be the former in order to become the latter? Why are women deemed monsters for much lesser crimes than men? And what are the lasting effects of child abuse on one’s psyche, confidence, and future choices?

What began as a fascination with the inner working of 'Hedda Gabler' and Ghislaine Maxwell evolved to become an exploration of the ways that two uncannily similar women might respond differently - or not - to a childhood full of abuse at the hands of a dominant father, only to be let into a world in which the same kind of men continue to dominate.

This show was part of Online@theSpaceUK Season 3 and is unfortunately no longer available for viewing online