North Star

Earl & Grace Productions

Known by her Mum as “the child who ruined my life”, Lori Hamilton was forced to find her own way in life. Yet she turned out JUST FINE!!!

It’s all been captured in North Star, a one-woman show full of insight, humour, song and dance, which features flawed, quirky and often funny characters; even her guardian angel is on probation due to a poker problem.

The show, directed by the award-winning Sean Daniels features a line-up of Broadway musicians and will have its world premiere at Brighton Fringe.

North Star charts Lori’s journey from an early life with a father addicted to prescription drugs, followed by a husband who punched holes in walls, through to becoming an award-winning actor, singer and comedian.

Faced by the option “sink or swim” it reveals how Lori did both.

More than all that, she’s actually happy.

"Very funny" (North West End UK)

This show was part of Online@theSpaceUK Season 3 and is unfortunately no longer available for viewing online

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