Earth and Fire, Water and Air

Andy Jordan Productions

This revealing new online play tells the true stories of four astronauts, united by a common purpose and a common fate many years apart. Four heroes who helped change the course of human history and push the world forward. Their missions you may remember, but their names you may not. A fascinating and atmospheric docudrama about remarkable courage for anyone who has dreamed of going into space but who has mixed feelings about billionaires doing it to show off. From the company who won three awards for its groundbreaking 2020 online play SpaceXPat.

This show was part of Online@theSpaceUK Season 4 and is unfortunately no longer available for viewing online

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Promotional picture for SpaceXPat


Andy Jordan Productions

Summer 2020. Pat is an astronaut on the International Space Station. Pat has unilaterally decided to extend his stay on the Space Station. Pat’s wife is not happy about this. Pat’s mission partner is not happy about this. NASA is not happy about this. The only person who doesn’t see this as a problem is Pat. As he becomes emotionally more fragmented, and simultaneously more resolute in his decision to never leave the Space Station, we wonder: is Pat losing his mind or is he the only one who sees clearly?

Online@theSpaceUK Season 3