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Jess is a 34 year old Cardiothoracic surgeonHer boss is a bullyHer girlfriend's left herand she's LONELY. All Jess really wants to do his change her FUCKING lifeA story for those people who feel a little bit alone in a world so very big

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Walk of Shame

Glass Half Full Theatre

Walk of Shame is a no-holds-barred, racy appraisal of important 21st century themes—love, sex, excess and consent. **** The Daily Express. Trigger warning, sexual violence, rape and consent.

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Lucky 8

Glass Half Full Theatre

Marcy is queer and her Mum has MS, caring for her mother and trying to find a job she actually likes in the city, life is hard, plus she keeps falling for the wrong girls and it seems this time, it might be different.

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