To me, that's what love is.

Morosophy Theatre Company

Through verse text and digital production, the piece offers a continuous series of monologues analysing a diverse range of characters' perceptions of love. The piece experiments with animation and digital editing to externalise these characters' inner feelings and experiences.

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Morosophy Theatre Company

Introspection is a unique approach to storytelling, allowing audiences to create their own narrative in their mind with the assistance of audio, soundscape and one nameless performer, guiding the audience, raising questions such as: 'How do we perceive the world?', 'How do we perceive ourselves?', and 'how do our perceptions change, while our eyes remain the same?' This experience allows audiences to create a stage in their minds, using their senses to experience their own unique performance. The audience's unique experience is a consequence of their own actions, perceptions and the aesthetics of interaction.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 3